Hello and Welcome! My name is Tamara. I have taken over tissahami.com to start sharing my passion for natural skin care because I believe that beautiful skin:

  • is not skin deep, but a result of a healthy, natural, active lifestyle.
  • does not require dangerous chemical compilations.
  • does not require endless trips to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
  • requires a holistic approach towards your health, lifestyle, and your skin.

I seek out and bring to you manufacturers with philosophies that match my readers: caring, thoughtful companies, who use no animal testing, are cruelty free, use recyclable packaging. Many products I review or sell are certified vegan and certified organic. Herbal extracts, amino acids, essential oils and vitamins must be carefully selected and scrutinized for the highest quality and freshness.

I read every label, research every ingredient and ensure all the products I recommend are completely safe for your skin and your health. Even a single ingredient can cause a skin reaction, and I am very careful to tell you about any ingredient which may be questionable to your health. Tissahami.com is here to end the hype and help you create a skin care regimen that works for you.