Face Spring with a Fresh Face

Spring is around the corner and some makeup trends continue, especially smoky eyes. If you have not jumped on the smoky eye band wagon now is the time, but with lighter shades to go with the lighter season of spring. To make your spring fever eyes pop use a dark liner on the top and bottom of your lash line. Use a color approximated for spring like a light gold or lilac on the upper lid. Then just lightly blend the colors together and your eyes will sizzle with a warm spring smoky look.

Now is the time to replace makeup that you used all winter and fall. Throw out the old mascara and go for some new mascara. Consider trying colored mascara if you did not do it last fall. You can buy mascara that compliments your skin tone. Not sure what color to buy. Take you complexion to the nearest department store cosmetics counter and consult the sales clerk. Splurge a little more on your eye makeup by getting the advice of a professional and you can save money on lipstick and blush at the drug store. Having eyes that say it all means you will be downplaying the rest of your makeup.

Organic mineral makeup or makeup with anti aging properties is all the rage this spring. Be careful not to swallow all the hype. Just because your makeup has retinal, does not mean you should sleep in it. Also use common sense , if your organic mineral makeup is full of anti aging products how organic can it really be? Alpha hydroxyl acid is not a ingredient grown in your grandmothers herb garden.

Pick a good solid foundation you know does not break out your skin. You may want to buy a shade darker than your winter foundation if you are likely to get more sun. Otherwise, you can get that sun kissed look with any number of mineral bronzers. If you want to, put aside the fear or looking too orange or red in harsh indoor light try using a light dusting of bronzer and skip the blush all together.

All skin looks best when it is healthy. You may want to get some new facial products like a good scrub to exfoliate your winter skin and bring back a spring glow. Also if you live in a humid climate you might want to invest in a toner for the hotter months and a lighter moisturizer than you use during the dry winter months. If you are not sure of what products to use for the warmer season, you can’t go wrong by trying some natural lightening ingredients or better yet, make an appointment at your local beauty college for a facial. They are inexpensive and the student can share with you all they have learned about keeping your skin type healthy.

Lighter shades of lipstick, that appear natural on well defined lips is in. You will have to find the balance between lip liner and natural looking lipstick. In nature most of us do not have lips that appear to have well defined boundaries from the rest of our face. You can play up your lips with evening makeup and go lighter on the eye color to give yourself a more balanced appearance.

Spring is the time to indulge in new cosmetics and skin care products. You can face the new season with a fresh face.

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The Beauty Industry – Unregulated, Unstoppable?

Would you be surprised to learn that the FDA requires absolutely no testing, health studies of any kind in relation to the creams, toners, and cosmetics that you rub into your skin?

About 10,500 different cosmetic ingredients and a similar number of fragrance ingredients are being used by the cosmetic industry.

In a systematic comparison of ingredients in 7,500 personal care products against government lists of cancer-causing chemicals, the Environmental Working Group has found that one of every 100 products on the market lists on the label a known or probable human carcinogen, and an astonishing one-third of all products contain one or more ingredients with at least some evidence of carcinogencity in laboratory studies or investigations of human populations.

beauty products at storesOne out of every 100 products

Take a walk through the department store. How many products do they stock promising the fountain of youth and happiness ever after? Hundreds.

Now get this, the average woman probably uses between 9 and 15 products a day, comprising of over 126 chemicals on average, that we rub, wash, and dab onto our skin. So what is the probability that you might have a carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredient in one of your products? I don’t know, but if I am like many women, I happen to try on a ton of different products as I am browsing through the store.

Recently I learned two things:

  1. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate cosmetic products or how they are advertised
  2. Manufacturers and companies do not have to prove claims of scientific testing.

Now doesn’t this concern you even just a little bit? It really concerns me. Commonly used marketing terms such as “natural,” “revolutionary,” “dermatologist tested,” “clinically tested” and “hypo-allergenic” are all suspect. If you don’t know your ingredients, you just don’t really know what you are putting on your hair, around your eyes, on your face.

And we wonder why women are suffering from breast cancer and skin cancer at an all time high.

“Most of the chemical ingredients in cosmetics have never been assessed for safety. Despite industry claims that the products are fully tested, that’s just not the case,” says Stacy Malkan, a spokeswoman for The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. According to the campaign, 89 percent of the 10,500 ingredients the FDA has determined is used in personal-care products “have never been evaluated for safety by the FDA, the industry-funded Cosmetics Industry Review panel or any other publicly accountable institution.”

An interesting statistic, and you can look at additional research conducted by the EWG (you can view their Skin Deep report, including an ingredient database that will tell you what ingredients have actually not been tested).

In this day and age, I am surprised to learn that such an industry could go on for so many years self-regulated, and completely unchecked. It’s time to stop this industry from ravaging our bodies, destroying our self esteem, killing our self image, and it’s time to stand up and take action.

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