What to Look for in an All Natural Skin Care Line

The word ‘natural’ is freely bandied about by cosmetic companies. What is a ‘natural’ skin care product? You cannot be faulted for assuming the product – a lotion, cream or cleansing milk … whatever, has as its ingredients all natural organic inputs. But it might just come as a nasty surprise to you that in the US there is absolutely no legal definition of what constitutes ‘natural’… at least when applied to cosmetic products. This little chink opens a floodgate to cosmetic manufacturers. And some of them exploit it to the full.

As a user of cosmetics you might certainly want to know what goes into the manufacture. You’re obviously concerned of the detrimental effects of any harmful ingredients. Newspapers and magazines are filled with scary articles of users who have had long-lasting, sometimes permanent adverse affects. Some of the unfortunate incidents have led to cancer and some users scarred and blemished for life.

Recent reports have suggested that many anti-aging creams contain estradiol, an estrogen of sorts. Inherent in this substance is an increased risk to certain forms of breast and uterine cancer. Other reports have spoken of lead contamination and a plethora of health risks.

Well you certainly don’t want to be unwittingly exposed to these risks. Hence you have to be ultra careful in your selection of cosmetic products to protect yourself, your skin and your overall health.

A truly natural cosmetic product line must be free of artificial or synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colors or additives. The ingredients that go into the manufacture of these products should originate from plants and other organic matter and, in addition, should be thoroughly tested for contaminants like lead, bug spray and weed killer. Elements of these contaminants are often absorbed by the plant from the soil and found in their extracts. In the process of manufacture they can form byproducts that can prove to be carcinogenic.

The FDA advises a study of the ingredients label. However this reveals nothing of the manufacturing processes of the company or what tests – if any – are conducted for purity.

So what is the answer to this dilemma?

You obviously need to find a company you can trust implicitly to provide a truly natural skin care line.

Fortunately I have found one that uses the highest quality, natural skin care ingredients. Their products – creams, gels, lotions and masks are clinically proven effective for moisturizing, firming and wrinkle reduction. Their masks have deep cleansing and moisturizing properties and also reduce inflammation. Consequently their usage is beneficial in treatment of rosacea and redness due to solar exposure, irritation, wind and other weather factors. The inclusion of antioxidants like vitamin E and coenzyme Q 10 prevents free radical damage and delays aging.

Other ingredients include wakame kelp, avocado oil and Shea butter, macadamia oil, olive oil, grape seed, jojoba and manuka honey. Manuka honey is proven as one of the finest known antioxidant and antibacterial agents.

So which company is it?

You can find out by reading The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel. In this great book you will learn a lot about natural, safe substances for a healthy glowing skin.

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