What is natural skin care?

organic skin care productsNatural skin care is a way of life: using natural ingredients as opposed to potentially unsafe manufactured chemical ingredients, using processes that limits polluting the environment, committing to never test on animals for the sake of human vanity. Beyond that, natural skin care demands a commitment to using packaging that is environmentally safe, either recycled or recyclable, and understanding that natural skin care is a responsibility from the inside out, as opposed to seeking the fountain of youth in a jar.

There are a lot of companies in this industry flouncing about with the word ‘natural’ tagged on to an entire line of skin care products these days. A few years ago, ‘natural’ was the new buzz word in skin care. Then it was Organic. Pretty soon it’s going to become Vegan. Just because a company slaps a couple of botanical or ‘natural’ ingredients in its chemical based formulation, it doesn’t mean it’s natural or that the company is committed to a natural way of life.

In an industry largely unregulated (or as the case may be, self-regulated), companies can very nearly say anything so long as they do not state a permanent change of your skin. This means the term natural can be thrown around as liberally and as often as ‘anti-aging cream’.

You will notice that some companies don’t casually throw around such terms. I help define the truth behind natural and organic skin care, and help you find a skin care regimen that works for your skin.

Natural skin care starts at home, largely because it is a new way to look at your skin care regimen. You can find out that there are plenty of ways to turn back time and limit the damaging environmental effects on your skin.

Did you know that the three base skin types still in use today was developed over 60 years ago? Ask yourself, does your skin fall into any of those out-dated categories? Chances are your skin is like many, it’s a combination of two or three, but may also respond to certain conditions which may make it change. Evaluate your skin and determine what your true skin type is.

Your skin is a living organ, as such it requires basic nutrition to do its job. Natural skin care is about nourishing your skin and looking as skin care from a holistic view point. So let’s start on the path towards sane nutrition that won’t break your bank, and will enhance and nourish your skin (and by the way, the rest of your body too!)